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The received papers go through an internal preliminary screening prior to sending them to the reviewers. The screening is basically carried out to make sure that the paper meets specifications / guidelines, that a clear and logical arrangement is adopted and clear and correct English, spelling and punctuation are used and good use of illustrations are presented. If the paper fails the screening process, the paper will be sent back to the respective author/s for completion of the given requirements. 2 weeks will usually be given for the author/s to improve the standard of the paper and research submitted to the Bhumi Secretariat.

Once the preliminary screeing is successfully completed, the paper will be sent to two external international reviewers for blind-review along with Reviewer's Evaluation forms. The reviewers will be requested to send comments and evaluation forms within a month. Once the comments and evaluation forms are received from the reviewers, they will be forwarded to the respective author/s for consideration. The authors will be given 2 weeks in which to do the improvements and make the final submission.

Once the final submission is made, an acceptance notification along with publishing volume details will be sent to the authors.

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